Proven TRACK record!

Better project delivery comes from better working relationships. Transicor has developed long-term partnerships in the transit and passenger rail industry that have proven to deliver safe, efficient, and cost effective projects on time.

”Occasionally during my past experiences in Economic Development, I was the only woman at the table, so I do know about industries with few women involved. I do however welcome the opportunity to be in an industry such as rail and transit, where women are increasingly valued and depended upon globally and are expanding upon the ever-crucial and important, albeit traditional “office” roles.

I believe that women can also play an important part for corporations that take on environmental, social and charitable responsibilities and obligations whereby a woman may be able to offer a perspective that helps to make a corporation well-formed in its branding and modern approach to economic vitality. We see this happening in Europe especially in the rail systems, long-established organizations that have now modernized their fleets and their values too.”

Janette Oliver


With our teamwork approach as part of this well-developed supply chain we ensure that what benefits the project benefits our clients. Teamwork is the ultimate key to running a better performing rail network and fleet. Teamwork is the real "network" behind getting the work done and we, the people behind Transicor, have the proven track record.

“Being part of something new such as a business is exciting and energizing and I am proud to be part of this ever-growing team of business professionals, and talented and skilled people that make our company diverse, knowledgeable, experienced and creative.

For the better part of two decades I have been involved in the rail and transit industry and have seen many changes, improvements and expansions over the years to the industry as a whole. Bringing this experience and insight with me to a new company gives us the competitive advantage and a firm foundation for future growth.

Transicor maybe new but our customers have known many of us for years. And it is this relationship that we foster and maintain each and every day. As the saying goes, “It’s not what we say that matters, it’s what we do that counts.”

Ross Rodgers



When it comes to being of service to the rail industry and of value to the greater community, Transicor isn’t just about quality and quantity. Always, it is the spirit in which we conduct our business that counts the most.

Ethics and integrity are key components of our company and, added to the quality and quantity of our contributions, form the basis for our corporate spirit.

At Transicor we are connected and engaged in the community in many positive ways.

Transicor is a proud sponsor:

Willowbrook 15th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Proceeds to the Etobicoke General Hospital Capital Campaign

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