At Transicor our strength comes from our commitment to the team-work approach, where trade specialists, fleet mechanics and rail technicians work together to ensure the best project delivery possible for our clients. All elements of our company foster the cooperation that is a vital part of our success.

As part of the Transicor team, you are a valued employee in a progressive company that maintains the highest standards of health and safety and labour law compliance. We strive to provide a fair, positive, and rewarding work environment for all our employees, recognizing that they are the foundation of our business and our most valuable asset.

Current Positions:

Installer / General Labourer

  • Familiarity with vehicle mechanics, and/or carpentry would be an asset.

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Rail Technician

  • 5 years rail experience an asset.

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Transicor Employee Newsletter

INSIDE TRACK is one of the ways we effectively communicate rail industry, company, health & safety and general

information to our employees. It is called the “Inside Track” because being informed puts Transicor’s employees in the winning position!

Training Safe

Trancisor’s Health & Safety Program is a cut above the provincial standard, and we aim to keep it that way. All our workers fall under the training Safe umbrella and enjoy superior Health & Safety training and protection. We collaborate professionally with project principals and other workplace parties to ensure that a safe and healthy workplace is maintained for the benefit of all, without compromise.

Safety Program Manager

Healthy incentives

Safety Talks

Ongoing Training

Health and Safety Rep

Trained Supervisors

Health &
Safety day


WSPS Participating Member

Team Communication System for all things Transicor (news, safety, and industry)

Designated First Aid and
CPR Certified Responders on site